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Yee Harr!!!

Tervuerens: "Obse" Obsession du Bois du Tot (Imp France), "Yodie" Fakaiser's Yodie d'Yane (Imp Norway), "Mimi" Allusion Avec Moi & "U2" Allusion Avec Toi
Groenendaels:  "Storm" Ch Beljekali Desert Storm & "Presley" Beljekali Elvis Presley

In February of 2001 after much planning, we headed south to the East Coast of Australia to an exquisite place called Bermagui.  Among being one of the best fishing spots in Australia, it is also a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the Summer Weather.  We met up and camped with friends Camila Hrymek of Allusion & Graebelge Belgians and Ray & Helen Wilson, proud owners of Jeppa and Zonik.

It was quite busy there this year and walking down the main Street, who should we bump into but none other than the famous Billy Connelly!!!  We with our doggies, along with many others watched in fascination the filming of his next movie with the name, something like "The Man Who Sued God"....

Oh yes, and there was also a dog show bonanza, so apart from beach and river walking and playing with our four-leggeds, eating (the fish was to die for!) and of course drinking we showed our Belgians with excellent results!

Please grab a cup of coffee, sit yourselves down and enjoy the pics we took, courtesy of Camila Hrymek.  All the dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves at this deserted saltwater Lake leading out to the sea and we look forward to revisiting in 2002!  Maybe we'll see you there!

You wanna play ball? Presley says - Catch me if you can! Storm says - Here I come! Presley says - Bet you can't do this!


So are we gonna join in with these black ones? Obse says - Yeah, why not... Blyuk! - got a bit of sand on it! Wow this water is pretty Kewl!


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