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13 October 2001

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Ihka is such a handsome young man who is owned, loved and adored by Jaye & Pete.  He lives in Melbourne and enjoys being part of the family going anywhere and everywhere, including his weekly obedience classes.  As you can see he's a happy-go-lucky boy and has a great life!

Ihka is from our beloved "Jeddah" and Beljekali's french funboy, "Playboy", and as you can see he is full of good looks and sparkle just like his parents.


Here's me, in style....


Is this a good sit?

Ah, nothing like cooling off! I love getting {{HUGS}} from my Mum  :o) ....and love playing with my Dad! ^..^


Boy oh boy, what a day - I'm beat! Hey, I'm Cool! This is me with my Buddy :-)


Ihka 8 weeks Ihka 9 weeks old I "dig" this game Mum! Me and my family, Jaye & Pete


........stay tuned.....


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