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Relaxing in my new home... 2 March 2008

Supplied by Maria Cranny, Midniara Belgian Shepherds, Tasmania

1st Diary entry ~ Sunday 2 March

Hi there Grandma and Grandpa Fynmore,
Just thought I'd fill you in on how I'm doing in my new home in Tassie.
Friday was a very long and confusing day for me.  I was put into a cage and put inside big bird.  It was very noisy and I was really scared and confused.  I was also very hungry and couldn't work out why my mum didn't feed me properly.
After a long time in this big bird I was taken in a car to an area where this lady got me out of my cage.  I couldn't understand why she held me and cried.  I tried to make her feel better by cuddling her back.  I think it worked because she stopped crying.
She walked to her car and opened the door.  I was so happy to see some food there and I ate it all up straight away.  I don't know why she kept saying 'oh you poor baby.'

 My first day in Tasmania - pictured here with Maria & little Joseph watching in the background - I'm nearly 18 months old 
JJ - with no coat & in need of more condition.

She took me for a walk which was great because I really needed to do a wee.  This lady kept talking to me.  She kept saying I was her new mum.  I was a little confused but she seemed nice enough so I went along with it.
She took me to a big place where the dog run is bigger than I've ever seen.  She gave me a drink so I decided my feet needed to be cleaned too.  She groaned, saying something like "oh no - another like my Bella!" and held her head whilst saying it.  I don't know what she meant by that! ;^)
I really enjoyed spending time with my new mum.  She gave me lots of cuddles and talked to me softly.  I really loved how she gave me some yummy food to eat.  I was starving!
Then she introduced me to the girl of my dreams.  We got along very well.  She plays with me but she is playing hard to get.  I'll keep persisting though because I know that I might get my way eventually...
My new mum then left me but it was alright because I was spending time with my new girlfriend.
When she came back she spent some more time with me.  She then gave me more food.  This attention was great!  I had a full tummy, a girlfriend, the biggest dog pen in the world and best of all I was feeling like I had energy.  I don't know why I was feeling so tired before I came to Tasmania.
That night was a bit strange for me.  I had to sleep in a place with other dogs.  There was one girl dog that kept growling and barking at me but she couldn't get to me so I knew I was safe.
The next day my mum took me to a place where there were lots of dogs and people.  The sounds and smells were familiar.  I think I'd been to a place like this a long long time ago with my other mum but I'm not sure.
It was very hard for me meeting all these strange people and I did growl at a few of them but my mum kept telling me no and then patting me gently.  My new mum is great, I spent lots of time with her and she took me for lots of walks.  I love how she keeps feeding me too.  I'm starting to feel better with every feed.  I did meet lots of other dogs and people and at the end of the day I felt a little better about being there.
At night my new mum put me into bed with my girlfriend.  We get along very well.  The other two dogs weren't there so I didn't worry too much and I got a very good nights sleep.
Early the next day my mum took me into the biggest dog run in the world with my new girlfriend.   What a piece of work this girl is!  She loves to play hard to get.  I can't get anywhere near her bum for a sniff.  We ran around for ages playing. It was so much fun.  I had lots of space to run and pounce.  I got so excited that I started to bark.  I don't know why my mum held her head again and said "oh no not like Bella."
Then a little later in the morning a lady came over to see me.  I'd met her before. Actually she'd come to visit me every day since I've been here.  I really like her and my new mum kept saying 'say hello to Aunty Cheryl' so I guess she is my new Auntie.
Auntie took me for the day and I had a very good time. She took me for walks where there were lots of trees for me to pee on.  It was great.  I got to meet lots of people and lots of dogs in our walks.  I knew I'd be OK because I'd met lots of dogs and people yesterday and it was all good.  So I didn't growl this time.  I felt really good and I could run around and play without feeling tired.
Auntie then took me back to my new home where I got fed again!  I can't believe my luck!  My new mum feeds me lots of food. It's nice not feeling hungry.  She then took me into the lounge room where I am now relaxing at my mums feet.

Life is really great now Grandma and Grandpa.  I am very happy and I feel safe.  The people here are really nice. There are even little people here too. They love to pat me and cuddle me.
My mum loves rubbing my sores and scratching me.  I'm very itchy and uncomfortable but I'm feeling better with every day.  Hopefully soon my sores and my itchy spots will be gone.
So as you can see I'm sooo happy.  You can stop worrying about me now. I think I have found my place to call home.
Here is a picture that my new dad took of me relaxing at my new mums feet.  This is my favourite time of the day.


I'll try and write soon.  But as you can see I'm a very busy boy so I'm not sure when I'll be able to write to you again.

I lurve swimming! :) JJ having fun with sister "Storm" & new friend big "Jett"

Please tell my dad and my brother Nova that I send them lots of cyber licks and play bows.
Love you both.
JJ (lots of licks and play bows).

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