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* JJ 's Diary*

Relaxing in my new home... 2 March 2008

Supplied by Maria Cranny, Midniara Belgian Shepherds, Tasmania

2nd Diary entry ~ Sunday 9 March

Hello Grandma and Grandpa Fynmore,

On Monday I had a fantastic time.  My mum filled a clam with water where Georgie and I played and splashed in it, Georgie is such a tease!  She loves to flirt but won’t let me anywhere near her bum for a sniff.  Maybe you can ask my dad for some advice with the ladies.  I think I really need it.

Mum then took me to a place where animals go when they are sick.  When we walked in she put me on something called Scales.  I don’t know why but she was jumping up and down saying “JJ you’ve put on two kilos.”  I have no idea what she meant but it was good to see her happy.

Then a man saw me and helped make some of my scabs better.  He clipped my nails and checked all of my body.  He pulled my legs and checked my ears.  I don’t know why but I trusted him and I just let him do whatever he needed.  My mum just kept cuddling me and saying how good I was.

Tuesday was the best day ever!  Mum took me to meet two other Belgians just like me.  One was called Jett as well.  It was then that my mum decided to call me JJ which is short for Jett Junior.  I also met my sister who I hadn’t seen since we were little her name is Storm.  She is such a bright spark, always barking and running!

We went to a place that mum called the beach.  I LOVED IT!  I loved to attack the waves and splash in the water.  I even went for a swim.  Mum just kept laughing at me.


We then went back to Auntie Robin’s house.  She’s Jett and Storms mum and a lovely, gentle lady. I had a big sleep there while mum and Robin chatted.

Me & Robin :~)
Robin playing with me, Jett & sister Storm at Battery Point

The rest of the week mum has spent taking me to the little people’s school in the morning and then again in the afternoon.  I love meeting the kids and saying hi to them. They are so friendly and love to give me cuddles.

She also introduced me to my half sister Bella!  She has has such a cheeky streak to her and just as full on as I am!  She can run just as fast as I can and plays just as hard to get as my girlfriend Georgie.  These girls are really hard work!

Today it was the birthday party of one of my little people that live here with me.  Her name is Sara.  I spent most of the time following the girls around and eating the food that they gave me.

Me & Joseph...  ...waiting for the party to begin!

 . I really enjoy meeting new people.  They always give me plenty of cuddles. There were coloured balls that I didn’t like, they scare me but in the end I just stayed away from them.

I’m really enjoying living here and am feeling much better.  My mum has pulled most of the big scabs off my body.  There is just one left on me and a few little ones.  She sits down on the floor with me every night and rubs something into them.  I don’t know what it is but it feels so good.

I spend a lot of time in the house with my mum. The smells and noises are strange to me but I am getting used to it.  I love to snuggle at the end of a long day.

Today is a relaxing day.  My little person Joseph is playing with his train set, mum is by the computer and my dad and Sara are watching tv.  I’m lying at my mum’s feet and my little Joseph is giving me a tummy rub.

Me & Joseph & Georgie in the background...
Here's a picture of my little person, Joseph and me! 

  Life is so relaxing at the moment.

I really love living here Grandpa and Grandma Fynmore.  Thank you for organizing it.  I think I can now call this my home.

I hope you like the pictures that my mum took of me during the week.  There are also pictures of my outing with Auntie Cheryl and her grand daughter Darce.  I mentioned them to you in my last letter.

Darce & Me going on a bushwalk! :)

I will try and write again soon.

Lots of licks and play bows coming your way.


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