Beljekali Supasonic Jett

* JJ 's Diary*

Supplied by Maria Cranny, Midniara Belgian Shepherds, Tasmania

3rd Diary entry ~ Sunday 16 March

Hello there Grandpa and Grandma Fynmore,

I’ve settled into my new life here very well and I feel like I’ve always been here.

The food is great but I’m turning my nose up at some of it to see if my mum gives me even yummier stuff!  I’ll let you know how I go with that!

I spend my days with my two girls Goergie and Bella.  We have a great time running and jumping around.  They are both big teasers though.  I just can’t work these girls out.  There is a boy dog here but mum won’t let me play with him.  She tells me he is nasty with other boys so we are kept apart.  I hope I get to meet him one day.

My favourite times of the day are when I get to come inside the house and spend some time with my family.  My mum and I are very close and we have lots of cuddles. 


The little people here are also very affectionate with me.  I just love a good mooch and will take it whenever I can get it which is heaps!

Sara & Me.... snugglingI wanna hold Sara's hand! ;^)

I also love water and mum fills the clam up for Georgie and I whenever it is hot here.  We splash and play for hours. 

I even get under the hose when mum is filling the clam.  I just love it!  Mum puts the clam in the big area and Bella isn’t allowed there because she knows how to get out.  She’s a smart cookie that Bella!

Mum took me to the dog doctor on Tuesday because I still wasn’t feeling great.  The vet listened inside of me with this funny looking thing that went over his ears and onto my body.

He said he could hear me wheezing and gave mum some medicine to give me.  He told my mum that the three scabs that I had left on my body were worrying him and that my mum had to pull them off.  He looked very worried and so did mum.  He told her to try and get them off but if she couldn’t she’d have to bring me back so the vet could make me sleep so he could pull them out.  Mum didn’t like this idea.

Mum was happy at the vets too because when she weighted me there she found out that I am now weighing 23.5kg.

By the way my mum’s been giving me that medicine for a week now and I’m starting to feel much better.

After the vets my mum took me to the beach that she took me to last time.  I think you have photos of me there.  I had fun splashing around and having fun and biting and drinking the salty water. 

After that mum put me in the car, she looked horrified when I threw up all the sea salt in the car.  I don’t know why she looked so worried It made me feel better to do that.

I also went to a place on Sunday where there were lots and lots of dogs.  Mum told me that they were Collies.  It was very exciting seeing so many other dogs that weren’t black.  A lovely lady called Mim came over and gave me a big cuddle. 

I was then put on a table and made to lie on my side and my mum held me down.  Mim then cut out the scabs.  It did hurt but I knew that mum was worried about my scabs so I lay down and tried hard to be a good boy.

Mim found two grass seeds in them and even though it hurt to have them cut out it felt so good after that.  I didn’t feel pinching in my sides anymore where the scabs are.  When Mim was finished with my scabs she put some stuff on my tail.  She then brushed all of the knots out.  It hurt a little bit but you should see my tail now Grandma and Grandpa.  It’s nice and fluffy and it doesn’t itch anymore.

After that I got lots of cuddles and a big Biscuit from Mim and then mum took me home.

Mum now puts some stuff on my scabs in the morning and at night and washes them.  It stings a little when she does this but they feel much better now and they are starting to heal.

Anyway, as you can see, life is starting to look up for me.  I have a happy family life and lots of friends to play with me.


I am very happy.

Love JJ



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