Beljekali Harlem Knight
 * Jett*

Hi, Im Jett

13 October 2001

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Hans & Kaye are the privileged owners of Jett. Since the loss of their last Belgian "Lucki" Hans & Kaye tell us that their lives have been reborn with the love and joy that this wonderful little boy has given them. Jett is so full of life and hasn't got a mean bone in his body. All he lives for is to be with Hans & Kaye and enjoy playing in life.

Jett is from Beljekali's H Litter, the son of the lovely "Jeddah" and the lovable frenchman "Playboy", and is the litterbrother to Nefre, Ihka & Fletcher who are also featured on this website, along with her many half brothers and sisters.

Jett was shown under Mr Anders Lyrholm when a puppy.  Here's Jett's critique:

Nine months, excellent type, very square outline, very nice head with good length muzzle, well filled out, nice chiselling, beautiful eyes, very nice ears, well set, beautiful neck and topline, nice croup, good shoulder placement, enough bone for age, well angled front and rear, good coat and texture. Moves with good harmony from all sides. Very well presented. 


September 2003, at home playing ball.. Well throw it!!

Jett 6 months 6 months I love the lounge ^..^


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