Beljekali Just Kes, (HIC)

  " Kes " 
 Me looking pretty at 8 weeks Keeping cool in my very own pool  :P~ Woo Hoo, Hi I'm Kes! ^..^ 

10 January 2003 ~ 2 February 2009
Owned & loved by Kerri & Alan Lowis

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Kes spent her wonderful life with her best friends and human Mum & Dad, Kerri & Alan Lowis. 

  "Kes" ~  not only one smart cookie, but a very pretty Groenendael girl from our "Lily" (Ch Beljekali Fleur de Lys), and "Storm" (BISS Grand Ch Beljekali Desert Storm, HIC.  

The amazing Kes ~ picture taken by Wendy Marzcan
Kes & Bella in the Snow ~ taken by Elsina Meyer             Kes & her Mum, Kerri  ~ training             Kes on the homestretch & obtaining her Masters Jumping title!!! :-)

Beljekali Just Kes AAC ADM JDM SD GD SPD ~ Alan & Kerrie Lowis ~ February 2009

Our beautiful girl’s name “Kes” was chosen from a character in the Star Trek series  “Voyager” because it meant “intelligent and inquisitive”. We often laughed at the many predicaments Kes got into and wondered which part of her name she was displaying –but as a good friend of ours often said “she is VERY pretty though!”

Kes really enjoyed playing with her “sticks” –she would rather play than eat – so motivating Kes was easy (as long as there was a toy involved). She loved to sniff out and chase her “wabbits” (she never managed to actually catch them), go for walks with her best friends Bella and Georgia (Elsina Meyer’s girls), spend time sleeping on our bed or on her back on the lounge. The lowering of the tail like a drawbridge always gave us a sense of peace and happiness.

She experienced such wonders as running in the snow with Bella, herding sheep, travelling and visiting many places throughout NSW- in fact she was happiest when she was just with us. We loved racing home from work to THE best greetings from our girl, and the cares of the world just disappeared. In the car, we dare not stop petting her lest we get a tap on the arm, even if only to change gears! Her agility achievements speak for themselves in the all too short time we had together – we were both novices and learnt so much together. We were a team. A very BIG thank you to Elsina and the SCDTC instructors for all the training we received.

Kes was never destined to make “old bones” but she lived more in her 6 years than most dogs would in several lifetimes. Thanks to everyone for all their support and kind words, cards and gifts over the past few weeks.

Kes not only touched our lives but everyone who met and knew her.

We miss her terribly – she was our “Kes Kes the Best Best”

Kerri & Alan Lowis

Kes spent a lot of her free having fun doing agility and to Kerri, her owner/handler's credit Kes has gained her Jumping Dog Excellent and Agility Dog Excellent titles at ANKC level and with ADAA, Kes has obtained the prestigious .... 


Latest results:

Wollondilly Agility/Jumping Trial ~ 6 October
Kes qualified & placed in Jumping RQH, Masters Jumping &
Masters Agility gaining her  ADM TITLE!!! ~ Congratulations Kerri & Kes!!
ADAA Grand Prix - Uralla ~ 29 Sept - 1 October
Kes qualified & placed in Maxi Jumping, Game - Four Corners, Maxi Pairs, Game - Gamblers, Open Maxi Agility & Open Maxi Games Challenge!!
Dogs NSW Festival of Agility ~ 8-9 September ~ Sydney
Kes placed & qualified in Gamblers & also Snookers, gaining her SD TITLE!!!!

Kes placed & qualified in strategic pairs with Beljekali's G Litter girl "Bella"!
15 Sept 07 ~ placed & quali'd in Maters Agility, RQH Jumping & Novice Gamblers, gaining her GD TITLE!!!

Kerri and Alan had many years of fun and continued success with their darling Kes.

Pictures of Kes Trialling...

Picture taken by Tammy Watts, Paws in Action,

Kes sheeping herding instinct trial... August 2005

Pretty Girl! Waiting for the signal....

Kes gaining her first pass in a Sheep Herding Instinct Certificate Trial - August 2005
I love the smell of sheepies! Hey - where do you think you're going! Just stay where you are! Waiting for Mum to say OK!

Sheep Herding Pictures Below by Sue Town of Pinnicle or Ph: 0411 101 223

Get back with the pack Sheepy!....NOW! Now I got ya all together, you do as I say! OK?


Here's some pictures of Kes...

Me looking pretty at 8 weeks Keeping cool in my very own pool  :P~



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