Je M'appelle Livia (HIC) (Imp Finland)

Fakaiser's Allex (Nwy) x Je M'appelle Hvita (Fnl)


(Hips A, Elbows 0:0, Eyes: Normal)
Seizure Free

 * Livia *

11 May 2004

We are very proud and excited to introduce you to our beautiful Livia!

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Livia is very special to us here at Beljekali.  For us to be able to have Livia we are very appreciative of a wonderful group of people that we thank so very much!  Our wonderful friends, Carin & Anders Lyrholm, who are always in our thoughts as we are in theirs; Livia's breeders, Sabina & Macke Hedenberg of Je M'Appelle, who entrusted us to have our beautiful Livia; and dearest Minna who has given Livia a wonderful young life and gave us the opportunity to continue loving Livia for the rest of her life!

From the moment we met Livia we immediately loved her!  Such a friendly, calm, even temperament taking everything in her stride.  Livia stayed by our side from Finland to Sweden -  at the hotel, on the ship and car journey back to Stockholm.  Within that time our sweet Livia bonded with us, loved us and became our loyal friend. 

While in Sweden we had the fantastic opportunity to show her at the SBU Belgian Shepherd Specialty.  Livia competed with an entry of 46 females. It was a very hot day, getting up to 25 - 30 degrees Celcius with many wasps buzzing around!  Livia waited and spent most of her time sleeping in the shade - then it was her turn - Open Class Females, and in went Craig and Livia.

Livia showed to our expectations and more!  She was awarded 1st Excellent in Open Class and was given the CK (Certifikat Kvalitet) Certificate of Quality.  She then competed for best female, coming 2nd to the eventual Runner Up in Show Winner!  We hope you enjoy the pictures we took of her! :-)

Livia's critique: 

2.5 years, complete scissor bite.  Elegant.  Excellent structure of coat, well shaped head, flat skull, good stop.  Dark well formed eye.  Well set ears.  Excellent neck and topline and underline.  Good croup and tail.  (slightly hook on the end).  Well angulated.  Stands well. Presents herself well.  Excellent mover.  Judge: Mme W van Deijl (The Netherlands)

Latest News & Pictures...

January 2010

September 2008 ~ Watching & playing with her W Litter kids at 9 weeks

March 2008


9 June 2007 ~ 4th in Open Class  ~ BSDC of QLD Specialty ~ Judge: Mr Sonny Strom (Sweden)
19 May 2007 ~ Livia gains her 2nd pass in Sheep Herding Instinct Certificate Test ~ I&SE BSDC of NSW Trial
24 March 2007 ~ Livia gains her first pass in Sheep Herding Instinct Certificate Test ~ German Shepherd Dog League Trial

Latest pictures of Livia

Livia on holidays at Bermagui, February 2007

Livia is home at last!!!!!

We are really excited to announce that our new Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael) girl “Livia” is finally home!!!  We imported Livia from Finland, and were able to travel over there to pick her up in July, get to know our super girl, travel to Sweden and show her at the Swedish Specialty with her being Reserve CC Female!  We then had to say goodbye for a little while and leave Livia in Stockholm with our wonderful friends, Carin & Anders Lyrholm in Sweden.  Carin & Anders went out of their way for us and travelled by car to Deurne in The Netherlands so that Livia could be mated to the absolutely stunning male, Brendo de Bruine Buck.  How lucky are we to have friends to do this - we thank them from the bottom of our hearts! 

 When Livia arrived in Australia, we took daily trips (1 hour journey each way!!) to quarantine, loaded with home cooked food for the “Princess” (who is a REALLY fussy eater!!) …  HUGE THANKS TO RACHEL!!!  Rachel was the Quarantine Officer who looked after Livia - Rachel was the first to call her "The Princess!  ;^)   Suffice to say Livia put on 8 kilo’s.  Mind you, a lot of it wasn’t going directly to her!  We did an ultrasound on her at just over 3 weeks in whelp and could see at least 5 puppies!!!  So, you can imagine how delighted and excited we are at the prospect of Livia whelping some lovely puppies around the 21st of December – not long now!  What a FANTASTIC Christmas gift!!!

 So without further ado,  meet our newest, most precious Princess,  “Livia”…

 Livia's first day at home here at Beljekali....

I Love my Dad, Craig ^..^ Watching the door - let's get back inside where it's cooler!! ;^) ...and I love my new Momma, Julie ^..^

A cool Livia laying on the nice cool tiles !!! ^..^

Livia - August 2006, at A-Te-Ell

Livia's show pictures!

Livia in show stance Livia in Open Class at the SBU ...being critiqued... ...alerting to Julie... ..another beautiful close up of Livia... taken by her breeder, Sabina ...close up...

Craig & Livia having fun showing! ^..^

...Livia smiling at Craig... A happy Livia & Craig & Nina! HUGS to Livia! Time to relax and smile :)

    Livia in relaxed mode...
...watching, relaxing at A-Te-Ell... At A-Te-Ell in August 2006 Finland having a run...

You can also see many more pictures of Livia on her breeders, Sabina & Macke of Je M'Appelle's, website:


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