Australian Champion
 Beljekali Neha Nishka
(Hips: Elbows: Eyes: Not yet)

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Niska wins RU Best in Show - August 2006
Picture courtesy of Craig Parmenter
Nishka pictured with her owner Craig & Judge, Jane Armatys

: 4 September 2004

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Nishka is proudly owned, loved and totally adored by Craig & Joanne Parmenter.  Nishka's favourite pastime is playing around with her Malinois family, "Keira" and trying to harass the distinguished and not-to-be-bothered-thankyou! "Rimu" ;-)

Nishka is from Beljekali's lovable and sweet natured "Nefre" and handsome big Swedish boy "Sharif".  

Nishka is a descendant and grandchild from Beljekali's foundation female Grand Champion Darkfire Vegas Vacation, "Jeddah".  We know Nishka will carry on those wonderful typical Belgian traits in type and temperament that our Jeddah was well known for and that our lovely boy "Sharif" possesses!

^..^ We wish Craig & Jo many, many years of happiness and success with their Nishka! ^..^

Breaking news... 

Nishka in her Delta Dog bandanna
meets TV personality, Kerri-Anne Kennelly!

Kerri-Anne, Nishka & owner Craig Parmenter, April 2007


Nishka gains her Championship title ~ 17 March 2007
CONGRATULATIONS Nishka, Craig & Jo! :~)  ^..^

is Australia's beautiful "Delta Dog"  !!!

Here's what Craig & Joanne Parmenter, Ventana Belgian Shepherds have to say about their lovely Nishka:

Nishka, November 2006, Best of Breed, Bulahdelah Show

We are pleased to announce that today our Groenendael bitch Beljekali Neha Nishka was temperament tested by The Delta Society of Australia to become a Delta Purina Pet Partner. Delta is a non profit organisation in Australia that evaluates volunteers and their dogs for approval to visit hospitals and nursing homes throughout Australia. It is a wonderful organisation, and Craig and Nishka have been on the waiting list for many months to have Nishka's temperament assessed.

Nishka's temperament was evaluated by subjecting her to numerous experiences that she may be exposed to while visiting sick or elderly patients in either a nursing home or hospital environment.

Some of the tests included being bumped from behind, being roughly petted or clumsily handled with hands, elbows and feet, being yelled at, exposure to people staggering and moving in unusual ways, wheelchairs, walking frames and canes being dropped near her and various loud, sudden noises.


As usual, and normal for this outstanding "N" litter bred by Craig & Julie Fynmore of Beljekali Belgian Shepherds Australia, Nishka lapped it all up, took it all in her stride and impressed the evaluators with her even temperament and bombproof demeanour. She gives the best cuddles, and she knows it. There was even a special cuddle at the end for the evaluator who had to yell at her!

We have all heard the benefits that pets can bring to people in rehab and in nursing care, but it is a big responsibility for the handlers as well. There are numerous stories relating to patients that refuse to liaise with nursing staff and doctors, but will readily begin communication with the dogs handler when the pet is visiting. Often the Delta volunteers are briefed in individual cases to see if they can help extract needed information from the patient during visits.


Information about Delta Society Australia can be found here:

More information about the actual Pet Partners Program can be found on page 3 here:

Nishka will be a very happy girl now. Not only will she get to spend extra quality time with her dad, but she gets to wear a special red bandana while she visits and gets to dish out as much "lovvin'" as the patients can take.
We will update our website soon with a pic of Nishka on her first visit. But Nishka has always been special. As the only Groen in a home of 5 boisterous Malinois, she HAS to have a good temperament or she would go stir crazy!

Best wishes,  Craig & Joanne and Nishka the Delta Dog.

Nishka wins Runner Up BEST IN SHOW - August 2006
Breed Specialist Judge: Mrs Jane Armatys (Qld)

Show pictures below courtesy of Nishka's owners Craig & Jo Parmenter
Niska wins RU Best in Show - August 2006 Grimmendan's Yucan BIS with owners David & Julie Voll, the Judge, Jane Armatys, Nishka & her owners Craig & Jo Parmeter on the right.

Best in Show Line Up.... Nishka showing with her human Dad, Craig.  BOB Laekenois, Lanaken Ruff N Ready on the right, shown by his owner Karen Edwards. Nishka taking a look at her competition.... thinking I should win this! ;^)

...Nishka at 18 months, trying her paw at Sheep Herding, April 2006...

Pictures courtesy of Craig Parmenter
Nishka at the Fun Day, April 2006 ;^) My human Dad Craig & me herding!l! mmmm, this sheep herding really is great fun! Let's do some more! :P~~

...Nishka at 15 months, December 2005...

Pictures courtesy of Craig Parmenter

Jeez.... even my shadow is gorgeous! ;^) Grrrrr  Kill! Crazy Malinois!!! Black dogs can't jump!?  No, we have a brain!!!! 8^)

...Nishka from baby to 7.5 months...

Pictures courtesy of Craig Parmenter

Hi there... I'm getting prettier every day, don't you think!? ^..^ here's me looking left... see my nice profile! And another!!! ;) Me & My Human Dad!! 8^)


Hard day?!!!

Me at 5 & half months Side profile ;^) Me standing STILL!! 8^)

My 4-legged Family, Rimu, Keira & Me! This is me & Keira - my bestest friend! :)

I'm nearly 3 months here Fun, Fun, Fun!!!!  :0) I'm 8 weeks here - my first day home...

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pics....

I'm 7 weeks old here


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