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8 February 2005

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"Ping" is proudly owned and totally adored by Chris, Rohan, Imogen & Freya.  Ping also loves to be near her 4-legged Briard brother, "Bollie". 

Ping loves to meet people and is making a fantastic performance Belgian with sheep herding and Agility being her favourite pastime.   Not just being a performance girl, Ping recently tried her paw out in the Specialty arena and went on to win 2nd Excellent ~ Well done to Ping and her human Mum Chris! :^) ! 


From Chris - 26 January 08......
We are just back from a week at the coast.  Ping loves it, each year she goes out further.  She has learnt to time the jumping through waves to her advantage and has been the most tired that we've ever known her.  Attached is a pic of her shaking all of that water out of her coat.
Thanks Chris - looks like Ping had a GREAT holiday and fun on the beach!!! :^D


28 October 07 ~ Illawarra & SE Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of NSW Breed Specialty Show
2nd Excellent, Class 18 - Breed Specialist Judge: Mrs Jean Lawless (Ireland)


13 October 07 ~ Ping gained her CCD Title!  First obedience title for Ping and Chris!
scores of 3 quallies, 94, 95, 95 - being placed first twice & a second place

28-29 September ~
Ping qualified & placed 3rd in Open Agility &
qualified & place 1st in Excellent Gamblers!
11 September
Ping qualified & gained her Open Jumping Dog title! ~ Well done Ping & Chris! :)
11 September ~ Ping qualified & came 1st in Excellent Jumping Dog
26 August ~ Ping qualified in Excellent Gamblers Dog

23 May ~
Ping qualified and finished 1st in Excellent Jumping &
qualified and finished 3rd in Open Jumping!!
27 March 2007 ~ Ping gains her Jumping Dog Title
27 March 2007 -
1st place qualifier - Open Jumping
24 March 2007 -
Qualifying pass, Course B (Started), Sheep Herding Trial
17 March 2007 ~
Ping gains her Agility Dog Title

24 February 2007 - The Canberra Royal, 1st place Qualifier in Novice Jumping, Judge: Mr Brian Hillier
4th place in Top Dog Shootout!
Pictures courtesy of Lara Sedgmen - Thanks Lara! :)

Ping in a Pre-Trial Test in Brisbane, July 2006.  Handled by her owner, Chris Atyeo.
Ping, eyeing the sheepies.... are you ready?! Ping bringing the sheep to Chris.... Ping, working out nicely.... Ping, relaxed, job done...

Ping competing for Pre-Trial Test title at the Sheep Herding Trial in Sydney, June 2006. 
Ping - Sheep Herding Trial, June 2006 Ping - sheep herding June 2006

Ping is from Beljekali's P Litter from our Finnish girl Bebo and our handsome big Swedish boy "Sharif".  

We know Ping will be a very successful Belgian girl and will carry on those wonderful typical Belgian traits in type and temperament that Bebo and Sharif possess!

^..^ We wish Chris and Family many, many years of happiness and success with their Ping! ^..^

Pictures courtesy of Chris Atyeo

"Ping" at the beach with her favourite fur person "Bollie", the Briard
I want it... No, I want it.... NO, I want it...  :) Ping at the beach - December 2006

Ping in September 2005 - 7 months

Nice pose! :) Me at 7 months Ping in the Spring of 2005...

I knew you'd be my friend..... eventually!!! ;^) I love to play & run! You are big!  Will you be my friend?

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pics....

I'm 7 weeks old here Me at 4 & Half weeks...


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