Beljekali QT Logan
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Born  11 November 2005

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"Logan" - Beljekali QT Logan ...and what a cutey he certainly is!!!

Logan is one very special, not to mention, very much loved member of Cheryl's household - the other ones are Millie and Max the Cat. 

We wish Cheryl, Logan & Max many, many more fun times and look forward to hearing more on Logan's adventures.  Thanks Cheryl - you are WONDERFUL!!


Latest pictures of Logan & his best friend Millie ~  November 2009:





Latest update from Cheryl ~ April 2008:

Hello Craig and Julie and all at Beljekali,
I just thought it was high time I said hello and of course hello from Logan too!  Logan has made a new four legged friend.  A golden retriever who loves to play and is being encouraged by the lad to enjoy the water as much as he does.  Rib eye fillet steak was on the birthday menu last year and Logan made short work of dinner that night. 
I've attached a couple of photographs of the lad.  As it turns out Logan likes to help with the stacking of the firewood; I split the wood and Logan picks up the pieces; running around the yard in the hope that I will chase him. The lad managed to toss his new toy onto the wood heap out of his reach, all a ploy to get me to stop working and play.



Logan has a yard inside the yard, just in case I need to secure him from getting into mischief.  This yard proved to be a great asset when the final part of the concrete driveway was completed.  

 I've just begun improving this yard and Logan is fabulous at halting the work.  At every opportunity he runs off with either the tape measure, the spirit level or anything he can pick up and if this fails he keeps bringing me an assortment of toys trying to distract me.

Cheryl, Max and Logan xxoo

Logan ~ August 2007

Logan ~ May 2007 ~  In the "STAY" position - Well done!! ;0)
I'm a clever boy!! :)
Logan's Playground...

10 & half months


4 months - 7 & half months

Me, looking handsome, at 7 months ! Me at 7 months - I'm much bigger now! Me at 4 & Half months - relaxing by my truck at the Fun Day! Me on my porch at 4 months...

11 weeks - 13 weeks

Love my bed and my toys! :) Me at 13wks.... Me at 11wks with my BIG friend...  WOW you really are HUGE! What a cutey I am!

Baby pics...

Logan at 7 & half wks Logan at 6 & half weeks Logan sitting at 5 wks Logan at 4 wks


Logan, second on the left, at 11 days...

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