Beljekali Quisha, CDX, ADX, JDX, GD, SD
(Hips: 0:0  Elbows  0:0  Eyes: PPS)
 * Quisha*

Born  11 November 2005

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  "Quisha" is loved and adored by Therese and her family.  Therese is training Quisha in obedience and agility.

Therese lives out at Mudgee and owns a lovely B&B, Wombat Hilltop - Cottages, so Quisha spends many hours greeting guests and wandering around Wombat Hilltop.

We wish Therese and her family lots of enjoyment and success with their lovely Quisha! ^..^

Stay tuned...

Latest pics & results:

October 2009
JDX title ~ Sutherland ~ 1st place time: 29.50. SCT 40
ADX title ~ with 2 x 1st places: time: 52.57, SCT 63
Qualified Master Jumping, placed 7th & 11th.
Placed 3rd in Open Jumping
Placed 2nd in Excellent Gamblers

Pictures courtesy of

6 & 7 June Tamworth Obedience Trial     CONGRATULATIONS Therese & Quisha on your CDX title! :D
Open Obedience, 3rd Quali, with 191 points, gaining her CDX title! 
Open Obedience, 2nd Quali, placed 3rd with 187 points

Sunny Coffs Harbour Dog Training Club 14/15 March ~ What a WEEKEND! :^)
Open Obedience, first Quali,placed 3rd with 181 points
Excellent Jumping, first Quali, placed first in 26.47 seconds (Standard Course Time SCT: 35)
Excellent Agility, first time, first quali, FIRST place in 42 seconds (SCT: 61)

Later in 2008 ~ Agility Dog, Jumping Dog & Snookers Dog title awards ~ CONGRATULATIONS Therese and Quisha! :-)
Aug 08 ~ Quisha" is the highest scoring Belgian ~ in Obedience and gains her CD title!
2 Aug 08 ~ BSDCNSW Breed Specialty ~ Highest Scoring Belgian in Obedience Trial
20 April 08 DeerBush Agility ~ 2nd in Novice Agility ~ 1st quali in Novice Agility and her time was 36,23 SCT 66 second!!! :~) Well done Quisha!! :^D

29 Feb 08 Bathurst Royal ~ Novice Obedience ~ 186 points ~ 2nd Place!! :^)
2 Feb 08 Sydney ~ Dogs NSW Agility Committee Trial ~ 36 second course, Quisha finished in 18.88 seconds with 39 dogs!!
8 Jan 08 ~ Quisha qualified and placed 1st in Novice Jumping 34 second course, Quisha finished in 18.29 seconds ~ Hawkesbury Agility Club

Latest pics of the lovely Quisha!  Thanks Therese! :^)

July 2008 ~ At home ~ enjoying the snow!


June 2008
Quisha - helping Therese & Peter around the farm! :~)



February 2008

Quisha's playground at home ~ lucky girl!!!


Quisha's fat friend....



Therese with "Quisha" & her grandsire "Paco" at a lovely little country show...

Latest news from Therese on Quisha - 29 February 2008:

Quisha came second with 186 points in Novice obedience today at the Bathurst Royal and she was a very good dog again as in the sit stay the "frisky" German Shepherd next to her thought he would like to make friends. She sat still for a while and then she thought I like him and moved, then there was restlesness throughout the dogs so we redid the sit stay and she obeyed nicely, then in the drop stay the other german shepherd ( brother of the first one) decided at 2 1/2 minute to move out of the ring and go next door. She watched him, looked at me and I did not do one little movement and she stayed for the last 1/2 minute. They were the longest 3 minutes I waited for!!. Talk to you soon.

Love from Therese and Quisha. Photo will come.


Quisha's done it again!!! We came first out of 39 dogs in Novice Jumping yesterday. 36 Standard course time she blitzt it in 18.88. Apart of a very silly handler's mistake, we had a brilliant run in the Agility RQH. The agility novice ring was very angular, therefore difficult for novice and we had 2 course fault.

The jumping RQH was excellent but one front cross had to be done really fast and Quisha still jumps really wide/long so she did not see the jump behind me.

We lost momentum and missed 3 times the entry weaver so DQed. But we learned a lot. In obedience, there was smells coming out of the ground and she acted oddly, the least I can say so we didn't get anywhere.

I hadn't told you what a great ambassador for the Belgian Shepherd breed Quisha was at my daughter's 21st and farewell party. We were about 55 people going in and out of the property in Cambridge Park and not a bark, saying hello to everyone, staying with me or having a sticky beak around the front, I would call her straight away and she came straight away. She is really a pleasure to have around. The theme of the birthdayparty was red and black and I send you a photo of Quisha with my son's tie put on the next day as I had forgotten the bandena I was going to wear on her.

Quisha in birthday theme - red & black! :D

Hope to catch up with you soon. Love. Therese



Quisha qualified and now passed her 3rd CCD, gaining her CCD Title!
I love these tyres - they're so comfy & clean? ;^) Here' me with my CCD sash! :~) ....and wearing it as a bandanna.... :D

Excellent ~ Intermediate Class ~ Illawarra & SE BSDC of NSW Breed Specialty ~ Judge: Mrs Jean Lawless (Ireland)

Quisha received 2 CCD passes on the week-end at the Greater Western All Breeds Obedience and Herding Club Inc.
Saturday she passed with 90 out of 100 and Sunday 85 out of 100.
Sunday was a test as she was very distracted during heeling by a football presentation - lots of people and KIDS playing football ~

Dogs NSW Festival of Agility ~ 8-9 September ~ Sydney
Quisha placed and qualified in Gamblers & Snooker


Quisha  & Therese's playground ...

 Well, this is not exactly training... ;~)
Where's Quisha?

Here's Quisha in show mode:

winning Best of Breed at Mudgee Show Society, Saturday 3 March 2007


winning Best of Breed at her first show, Rylstone Kandos Show Society, 24 February 2007 
Standing ready for the Judge's examination...
Let's have you around - to see your movement...  Expertly handled by her human Mum, Therese! Let's see your movement - "Up and back please"....
Quisha in the Best in the Working Dog Group Lineup! :-)


Quisha & her family at Christmas time - December 2006

Quisha with her human Mum, Therese :) Playtime!

Cuddle time - YAY! Quality time with Zack...

Quisha at 10 months

Me looking beautiful! ^..^ Quisha at 10 months...

Quisah on the right, with her sister Tessa on the left


Me & Zack...
Me & Zack - I'm the pretty one!!!

Quisha's antics...

Here Puddy Cat - come and play! ^..^ Gimme that rake!  Grrrr! YAY... Playtime! I love cuddle time...

Quisha's favourite sleeping positions
My fave sleeping position! :) zzzzzz...  purrrr.... zzzzz...  purrrr....  ^..^   ^..^ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......


Quisha 3 months & younger...

My fave spot & Zack's  ^..^ Quisha, playing with her favourite feline! Therese with Quisha on the right & Zack on the left Quisha, Zack & Therese at Wombat Hill Cottages


Quisha & Zack sharing.. I wanna mat likes Zacks...

Baby pics...

Hi I'm Quisha ^..^  Quisha standing for her Mum, Therese at 7&half wks

Quisha sitting at 6 & half wks Quisha sitting at 5 wks Quisha at 4 wks


I'm in the middle...

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