S.r. Q'rack des Terres Bergeres

 Born - 03/12/1992

                                                                  Lewis du Parc d'Emonville (G)
                                                    Falk vom Nauenhof (G)
                                                                  Ballerine vom Nauenhof (G)
                                S.r. CH Krack de Marcolina(G)
                                                                  Zoupy de la Baraque de Planches(G)
                                                  Hyta de Mavolla (G)
                                                                  Dolly de Mavolla (G)

    S.r. Qrack des Terres Bergeres(G)

                                                                     Nemo du Parc D'emonville(G)
                                                  S.r. CH Ulzar du Bois du Ponty(G)
                                                                  Raima du Chemin des Dames(G)
                              R.E. CH Oshiwa des Terres Bergeres(G)
                                                                  Volfenn de la Douce Plaine(G)
                                                  R.E. CH Balagny de la Douce Plaine(G)
                                                                  R.e. Vismie de la Douce Plaine(G)


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