Quadro van Balderlo

 Born - 28/07/1992

                                                                   Xaro du Maugre(M)
                                                    Blg, Lux & Ndl CH Ajax du Maugre(M)
                                                                   Yoda du Maugre(M)
                                Int  & Blg CH Gawrain du Maugre(M)
                                                   Belle du Maugre(M)
                                                                   Xani du Maugre(M)

    Quadro van Balderlo(M)

                                                                    Elton van Balderlo(M)
                                                   Int  CH Kyno van Balderlo(M)
                                                                   Iris van Balderlo(M)
                               Mira van Balderlo(M)
                                                                    Cramy van Boulwelhei(M)
                                                   Laika van Balderlo(M)
                                                                   Hanna van Balderlo(M)

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