Beljekali Royal Silk &

Beljekali Sultan Bear

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Hi I'm Silky ^..^              Hi I'm Bear ^..^

       Born 24 August 2006                                    Born 7 September 2006
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"Silky" is a lovely R Litter girl, and "Bear" a handsome S Litter boy!  They live with Tracey and her family up at sunny Cairns in Queensland.  Here's wishing you loads of great times with your two gorgeous Beljekali babes and look forward to hearing all the updates and receiving pictures!  Thanks for keeping us posted! :-) 

Latest Update:

November 2007:

Just thought I'd send you a quick note to let you know how Bear and Silky are going.  Well they are certainly different personalities. Silky is smart, agile and very affectionate and loyal.  She is very friendly ....    Bear however is just plain dumb, he won't do anything unless he is with Silky, it took us 3 months to teach him how to walk up a ramp to access the back yard, Silky 1 minute...

They love there daily jog with Wayne everyday. And they just love going for rides in the ute.  Someone left the gate open yesterday and I thought for sure they were off roaming,  no there they were sitting in the ute waiting patently for someone to take them for a ride, they must have been waiting for about 3 hours! 

I am hoping that over time Bear might mature and wont be such a retard.  At the moment he still is like a little puppy and Silky is like his Mommy, he always wants to play with little Harry(silky terier) but he is just too big and often Harry rouses at him and bosses him around.  Bear is very handsome and we still love him, he is just very frustrating at times but it is funny cause his stupidity is just comical.  Silky is the perfect dog she is like the female reincarnation of our previous belgian "Nanikai". 

Take Care and I will send you some photos soon

Thanks Tracey :0)

Here's their first pictures at their new home ...

Silky sleeping on a niiiice bed! ;) Bear getting a lovely hug from his human brother! :0)

Baby pics of R Litter girl, Silky, at Beljekali....

Baby pics of S Litter boy, Bear, at Beljekali....

 I'm in there somewhere! ;~)



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