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24 August 2006

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"Huan", Beljekali Riche Huan ("Riche" in french means rich, wealthy) and "Cleo" Beljekali Reve Noir Cleo ("Reve" meaning ideal/perfect and "Noir" meaning black.  They are lovely R Litter kids and enjoy life with their family, William and Melissa in Tasmania.  We wish William and Melissa many years of happiness with their two lovely Beljekali Babes and look forward to seeing more of them! :~)

The latest of Cleo & Huan ~ April 2008:

Huan and Cleo are both very well and are starting to put on their winter coats. I cant believe how much they malt, I've never had such long and thickly coated dogs like these before and it was a bit of a shock at the end of last winter how much hair comes off.

Cleo and Atticus having a rest.


Huan broke one of his toes at the beginning of winter last year (OUCH! poor Huan) and our vet told us that we had to keep him stationery, well I don't think such a thing as a stationery Belgian exists (heehee - agreed!) and it took about five months for the toe to heal properly, but it hasn't been a problem since.

                                  Huan hanging out with our horse Napoleon.  Huan hanging out with the neighbours alpacas (I dont know if they have names).

My sister and husband have a Maremma (Molly) and a young English mastiff (Dougal) about 11 old months now and weighs almost 80kg, Molly is about 5 and is a little shy around Huan and Cleo but Dougal has no such inhibitions and our two just love to round him up, but they have the habit of driving him into mine and Mel's legs and an 80kg dog ramming you at speed is quite an experience!  (Scarey!)

I've had a bit of a career change ....  On the up side I get to stay home and hang out with the dogs.  (LUCKY CLEO & HUAN!)

Cleo having a play last week - March 08                Cleo about to catch a ball.             Cleo catching a ball

Huan on Christmas Day.                                  Having a swim on boxing day.


William and Melissa.

Thanks William & Melissa - Love the piccies and the update! :~)



Huan and Cleo are both great, Cleo went in the Million Paws Walk yesterday and I had a fantastic time.

Huan has just passed 24kg and Cleo is hovering around 22kg and they are both so strong and full of energy and at the moment are helping us very enthusiastically with our renovations by pulling up as much carpet as they can. They have actually been very good as far as destroying things go and aside from the carpet which we want to get rid of anyway the only other things the have ripped apart are a couple of door snakes, there has been no digging up the garden or pulling clothes of the washing line. They do like jumping on everyone though and its so good to watch the way they work as a team so one distracts you while the other sneaks up from behind in order to get a lick of the face or a nibble of the ear.

Regards William & Melissa

May 2007
Huan & Cleo ~ relaaaaaaaxing....


We love the beach! ^..^ Yeeeeharrrr! I'm not letting go either! ;~)


First impressions....

Exploring...  all new and look, GREEN soft grass! zzzzzzzzzzzz..... We're sooo tired...  we don't even notice a certain cat, eyeing us off! ;)


Baby Pictures of Huan...

Huan at 7 weeks Huan at 6 weeks  Huan at 5 weeks

Baby Pictures of Cleo...

Cleo at 7 weeks Cleo at 6 weeks Cleo at 5 weeks

That our beautiful Mum "Misty" and we're in there somewhere! :)


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