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"Radu Lykan""

Hi, I'm Radu :-)
24 January 2001

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Radu's name comes from the horror novel series "Necroscope" by Brian Lumley. Radu Lykan was the Dog Lord in the book. It's a rather amazing vampire/were wolf story, and.........., kicks arse in the books.    

Radu lives and is dearly loved by Sally and Ricky and is Lily's brother, out of Beljekali's  "F" Litter.  He spends most of his time hanging out with bestest buddy Vlad, Lumineux Blackheart.

(left) Radu in his tinsel   (right) Vlad & Radu ~ Christmas time 2007 :^)

Here's Radu on the couch under his favourite blanket. As you can see, he's thoroughly "neglected" (NOT!) and loves to watch CSI Miami whilst sprawled out on our three seater (we are squashed up on the two seater, sometimes with Vlad on top - help!).

Radu as an older distinguished gentleman with his mate Vlad :o)

Radu as a youngster ~ growing into a beautiful boy! :o)

at 8.5 months....

Radu looking for my Mum and Dad

at 7 months....

Hey!!! I'm in the middle of a pretty intense game of... with my "Bob The Builder" ball...!! This is me being an Angel.... which is well... most of the time!

at 5 months....

Radu 5 months Radu 5 mths & Simon

as a baby....

Radu 7 weeks Ooooh I love Cuddles (Me & Sally) Radu as a youngster Radu & Simon


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