Beljekali Saucy Mojo &
Beljekali Sugar with Coco

* Mojo*      &     * Coco*


Born 7 September 2006
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Mojo & Coco are the delightful S Litter babies that are owned and completely adored by Carolyn &  in Adelaide, South Australia
Mojo looks like his Dad, Sharif at the same age, and Coco looks like she's growing up to very cute & pretty like her Mum, Lily!
Thanks for the great pictures and we look forward to more adventures with Mojo & Coco in the future.   

Here's the latest from Carolyn on her Beljekali kids ~ July 2007...

...They have come around beautifully, really starting to take direction from us, was a little hard at first with the two of them 'cos they would just run off and play ignoring us!

They are lovely natured now, behave very well in the house & come thank us after every meal...., but you get them outside and they run around and play fight like dogs possessed, really quite good to watch, so full of energy!  Never have had a problem with them meeting new people, not reserved like the breed normally is, just excited to have another friend.  So many people comment on their facial expressions, especially Coco when she's being cheeky, has a grin from ear to ear that one, always impressed with herself! 

You would not believe the difference in size between the two, Mojo is really quite a big boy now and Coco is half the size, she still only weighs about 16kg at most, her little half sis Pippa (about 3 months younger I think) at training is now bigger than her, she is such a little lady too, always delicate with chew treats and crosses her legs. 

Mojo, complete opposite and what you would expect from a boy, always want to eat or cuddle with you (his a hungry sook), a bit of a boofer, knocks Coco out the way for attention and also a bit of a cluts!  He has the most irresistible puppy eyes, so he runs up to you falls over once or twice getting there, boofs Coco over and gives the puppy eyes.  Their personalities getting so strong and so different at times I wonder how they can get along so well, but that's never been an issue, always pleasant.  Thanks so much for always being there to speak with when we have needed it, really contributed to the awesome outcome of our pups. xoxo

Thanks Carolyn!!! :~)


Here's their picture gallery... ENJOY!!! 

"Mojo" ~ King of the Mountain ~ July 2007


Litte Miss "Coco" ~ pretty as a picture ~ July 2007

Mojo & Coco's Christmas Time pics....  December 2006

Tobias and Coco....  friends :) At home.... just chillin' out!

We just LURVE the beach! :~) Hey, let's pretend we're still at the beach! ;0)


Mojo at 12 weeks Mojo at 10 weeks


   Coco at 12 weeks Coco at 10 weeks

Mojo & Coco

1st day at home... Coco & Mojo at 12 weeks... wake up Mojo!!! Coco & Mojo at 12 weeks...  You're awake now! ;^) This is us drying off after being bathed.... we were playing in mud! :\
Cool - this is more my size! ;o) Mojo & Coco - SAY CHEESE! :~)

Baby pics  of Mojo at Beljekali....

Me at 7 weeks

Baby pics  of Coco at Beljekali....

Me at 7 weeks - how cute am I!!! Me a 6 & half weeks

Coco, fondly known at Beljekali as "Munchkin" Too cute! I'm sleepy - I have lots more to grow!
Coco at 3 weeks used to trot around the place as though she owned it - it was soooo cute & funny and the family here at Beljekali couldn't resist her and pick her up and cart her around the place...  She just lay there in your hands and was very content...  Such a little sparkle! We fondly called her "Munchkin"...  however "Coco" suits her perfectly - with a little bit of Sugar! ;^)


 We were that small once! We're in there somewhere! ;~)



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