Beljekali Sweet Storm

 * Storm*

Hi I'm Storm - I'm waiting for Santa! ^..^             

Born 7 September 2006
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Storm is a very cute S Litter girl living with Robyn, Nigel, Chelsea and Connor who live in Tasmania.
We thank them for the lovely pictures and updates they send to us and look forward to watching the lovely Storm's adventures in the future.   

Here's the latest from Robyn, 20 November 2006:

Jette and Storm are a match made in heaven. They truly are beautiful together. They just constantly play with one another with Storm having permenant slobber plastered all over her! On Sunday morning I got up to let them inside, but she was just so filthy I had to bath her before she could come in. It was gross!!! Today, Storm was introduced to Chelseas' class for her sharing. Of course Jette came along too and they both took all the attention in their strides - they certainly were a hit!! Anyway, I hope you are all well and have recovered from all the excitement of the Belgian specialty. We shall keep you updated on all the latest developments from down under! I hope you enjoy the pics. Kind regards
Robyn, Nigel, Chelsea and Connor
AND Jette and Storm ^..^ ^..^


Here's Storm & Jette's Christmas pictures - Merry Christmas!!! 

Very cute!  I'll just lie here and wait for Santa!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas Everyone! ^..^ 

some more pictures of Storm with her best 4-legged friend Jette...

Take the picture.... so we can go! Smile!!! Play time.... YEAH! This dog tag is amusing.... I lurve my Jette .... and he loves me! awww...

Baby pics  of Storm at Beljekali....

Was I that small!?

 I'm in there somewhere! ;~)



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