Beljekali's Samson & Cain

"Samson (E Litter) & Cain (I Litter)"

Yeah Mum......what?

Samson (Beljekali E Lucky) Born 26 August 1999 (left)

Cain (Beljekali I Cain) Born 5 July 2002 (right)

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Samson & Cain reside in Sydney and are owned and loved adoringly by Greg & Vicki.  They love spending time on the beach, going for walks and just hanging around together!


Mates...... ^..^  ^..^ Have you got the ball!!?? You have got the ball....ok I'm sitting I'm ready - throw it, throw it!!! I'll get it......


....and Cain

I'm 8 months here!

Handsome boy... What's up? You want me, I'm coming.... ^..^


The other ear is nearly up! Mum - now you've cut the top of my ears off!!! Feeling at home..... ^..^

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