Polish CH, Croation CH, BH, DkCh, RusCh, LvCh, NordJw-03, EstJw-04, BaltW-04,- 06, LvW-05, EstW-06
A-Te-Ell's Monsieur Saphin (Imp Swd)

Sire:(NU DKU LP POL CH POLW-00 EUW-00 EUjW-99 s.r. 

Greco Comme un Reve Noir (Hng) (HD A/A, ED 0/0 Eyes Normal) x 

Dam: s.r. RA Bsg-00 Chili van't Belgisch Schoon (Ndl) (HD free, ED 0/0 Eyes Normal)) 

 * Saphin*

Safi - Full speed ahead!

Enjoying the snow ~ March 2007

28 February 2003
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