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Whelped - 16 December 2006

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Tayla is owned, campaigned & thoroughly spoilt by friends, Rob & Ann Ryan, who live in a beautiful part of the mid northern NSW coast, near Taree.  Tayla is a real smart cookie and didn't take her long to master the doggy door in fine fashion.  After a few nights of Ann getting up to toilet her little black bundle, Tayla thought differently and headed back to her comfy crate beside the bed, whilst human Mum Ann was left outside in the middle of the night wondering where she was...  obviously Tayla was just too sleepy to go pee!  ;^)

Tayla has been out and about and like her sisters, has taken everything in her stride, getting all the attention a beautiful little girl puppy deserves!!

Tayla is a very special T Litter girl.  She was made in The Netherlands, sired by the absolutely stunning "Brendo" de Bruine Buck with our lovely Finnish sweetheart Je M'Appelle "Livia"   whelping her litter here at home in Australia

We wish Rob & Ann many years of happiness along with lots of success with their beautiful Tayla !

Tayla shown at the BSDC of NSW's Specialty in August 2007

Tayla at 11 & half weeks...

Posing for the camera!

At home with her best buddies, Shakira, Ren, Bear & Ellymay

Tayla at 8 & half weeks... 7 & half weeks... 6 weeks... 4 & half weeks...

& on Day 21...

more to come......

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