Beljekali Un Beau Rubis
 *  Freya *
 I'm Freya ~ on the left! ^..^

Born  1 June 2007

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"Freya" is the gorgeous little sweetheart who lives in Perth with Nanette, Amelia and family.  Freya enjoys training and walks fun times on the beach and sometimes gets to play with her sister, "Smudge".

Here's wishing Nanette, Amelia and all the family many years of enjoyment with their lovely Freya!

Freya at 4 months, playing with her sister at the beach! ^..^

Here's Freya at the beach having a laugh while her sister Smudge gives her cuddles! Freya having a rest ON her sister Smudge after a HUGE play on the beach!

Stay tuned...

Baby pics...


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