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Born  1 June 2007

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"Lucas" is one of Beljekali's handsome U Litter boys who is a real smoocher!  Lucas lives in Sydney with his human Mum & Dad, Monica & Ed.

We wish Monica & Ed many years of fun and happy times with their beautiful "Lucas", Beljekali boy!

Here's the latest news & pictures of "Lucas"! :~)


Lucas ~ visiting Beljekali ~ August 2008


Here are some pics of Lucas on our trip to a farm down south in Brogo.

As soon as we arrived Lucas easily made friends with the property owner's pets (Lucy & Charlie, two Border Collies). He grew particularly curious of the larger species on four legs (cows and horses) ......tried to befriend them until he realised they did not want to be disturbed.


Lucas loves going to the dog park and playing with his other dogmates, he's a social butterfly and has such a good temperament that is admired by people who bring their pets to the park.


He enjoys going on his night walks, even more so when there are puddles of water to splash around in, after it has rained.

He loves to smooch, especially in the mornings and evenings, and whenever there is a chance of a cuddle, he is there. He's our alarm clock, he wakes us up every morning with a slurrrpy kiss.

I have heard an occasional bark when we give him a new odd looking treat or toy, which must surprise him as he gets all excited and barks at it and wags his tails, until he realises what it is. It's lovely watching him grow.

He's just turned 12 months old, it's incredible how time flies, he is still a pup in a big body.....loves to play all the time. Luckily during the day he's in the company of Mum and our nephew Diego (who just loves touching Lucas and getting his hands licked). Lucas is great around children and loves being amongst people.....he is very gentle around younger kids.

Ed and I love reading the updates on your website and we're having thoughts of adopting another Belgian Shepherd in the near future ....we'll keep in touch.

Thank you for your website, we enjoy reading and seeing how well Lucas' siblings and other Beljekali dogs are doing.

Till next time, take care

Ed, Lucas & Monica

Thanks Ed, Lucas & Monica for the updates & lovely pictures! :~)




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