Beljekali Fleur de Joie


Hi I'm "Zoe"  :~)
24 January 2001

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Beljekali Fleur de Joie, means "Woman of Joy", pet name "Zoe".  Zoe is our Lily's sister and is just as pretty.  Zoe is from Beljekali's "F" Litter

Zoe is owned and loved by the Trickett family, Alison, Allen, Hayley & Josh.  Zoe does a little obedience training, but mainly likes to hang around home playing with her best friends, pictured below.  Pictures on Zoe's page are taken and kindly supplied by the Tricketts.

Zoe's Christmas pic


Zoe & her best friends Hayley & Josh :o)

Zoe & Hayley Zoe & Josh


Zoe posing for the camera  ;~)

Zoe 6mths Zoe 6mths Zoe 6mths


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