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Tervuerens: "Obse" Obsession du Bois du Tot (Imp France), "Yodie" Fakaiser's Yodie d'Yane (Imp Norway), "Mimi" Allusion Avec Moi & "U2" Allusion Avec Toi
Groenendaels:  "Storm" Ch Beljekali Desert Storm & "Presley" Beljekali Elvis Presley

Follow me Pres! Obse says - No, follow me! Wha?  Who's callin' Us? Mum's callin' - here we come!!!!


Presley says - gimme a go Dormy! C'mon guys - they're hoggin' the ball! Yep, yep, yep hehehe! Hey - what you Tervies doin' huh, huh? OK, let's go Pres, round 'em up!
One last go! Bluddy sand - Let me have a go Dormy!


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