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Anders Lyrholm

18 December 1939 - 31 March 2007

A-Te-Ell Kennels Sweden ~ Anders & Carin Lyrholm


Anders August 2006



Old and new pictures of our daughter Jessica showing
Pictures courtesy of Amy Stevens
Jess around 9 years old, showing Jeddah Jess around 14 years old, showing her Whippet, Ryan

Jess aged 20, showing Storm in January 2006

See Jess - you've still got it! ;^)



Our daughter Katie (on the right), aged 20
- with friend Rachel at the Bachelor & Spinster's Ball - Cootamundra, NSW

Rachel looks a little blue from the dye they splash all over them! :~}

**  April 2007 ~ Belgians Day on Television **

Picture courtesy of Michelle Hopkins                
From left to right... 
Alli (Terv) & Michelle, Dr Ark, Tindra (Groen puppy) & Julie, Lata & Sunny (Terv), Craig & Nishka (Groen),
Craig & Sharif (Groen), Brigitte, Enzo (Laek) & Demelza, Joanne & Rush (Mal)

Picture courtesy of Craig & Jo Parmenter

TV Personality, Kerri-Anne Kennelly with Beljekali's N Litter girl "Nishka"
~ in her Delta Dog bandanna & owner Craig Parmenter


* Craig, Julie & Narah ~ Sydney Royal April 2007 *

Pictures courtesy of Barbara Killworth, Cabal Canine Candids


~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

Pictures taken from our visit to Sweden in July/August 2006

...Anders with Yazza, on his front step, enjoying watching all the Belgians play and getting cuddles & kisses from Yazza...

Wonderfully captured by Craig

... A collage of just some of the wonderful moments...

Collage created with many thanks to Camila Hrymek

...Carin, Anders, Craig & Julie - enoying a delicious meal together...


Our dear friend Carro, handling Xurits Danza...

~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ . ~ .

**  Jess, Misty (her fave Belgian) & Mum, Julie Fynmore...  October 2005**



**  Jess and Storm...  November 2001**

Jess, Spring of 2001 Just getting in the act hey Stormy??? :o) Say cheese!
awww Stormy - you're such a sweetie.. harrharr... you wanna kiss eh! That's it - look at Mum...

Click on picture for larger view...

Summer of 2001...

Craig & Julie relaxing at a show...

...relaxing on the seat for two...

BBQ'ing with Special "Fair Weather" Friends, Ray & Helen Wilson.  
Also featuring Bill, Jeppa & Rocky.

 In memory of Bill & Rocky, who are missed & thought of with very fond & happy memories....

Bill on right, while Ray, Craig & Julie clown around, as per usual! Craig trying to convert Bill to Belgians, rather than ducks... Ray, Craig & Bill.....Shall we have another??? How many bottles are on the wall??

Jeppa, Rocky & Julie - posing for the camera! 

Julie & Jeppa.... in their younger days ;o) OK Rocky - your next on my knee ;-)  !!! OK, so we're calm now... smile for the camera boys :-)

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 Bermagui 2001

 hope you enjoyed this page......there will be more pictures to come...


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